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Smart agriculture

Smart agriculture is becoming an increasingly more important and profitable way of farming. Sensors are used today for a large number of things that save both time and money for farmers. Previously the farmer had to walk around the fields every day and check the field on their own. Today, you can determine the state of the field, temperature, humidity or even the number of pests directly from your computer.

Effective management

Thanks to new mapping technologies, GPS and IoT sensors, farmers can now collect a variety of data to increase the efficiency of fertilizers and irrigation and reduce their consumption. Tractors equipped with smart devices can automatically adjust the amount of fertilizer or water used depending on the condition of a part of soil scanned from ground sensor or satellite imagery. One of the benefits of this technology is also the reduction of the environmental impact.

Smart care of cattle

IoT sensors can also be placed in buildings cows, pigs, sheep and other structures for farm animals. IoT sensors can measure room temperature, humidity, CO2 level or electricity consumption. After that, just plug smart sockets for heating or lighting, set up a CO2 warning or water scarcity, and make farmer’s work easier.

Industrial PCs from trimble

Industrial PCs from trimble

Industrial PCs from trimble

Among other products, Trimble offers highly durable PCs that fit into every situation. Thanks to their protection against humidity, dust, vibration or impact, they have become very popular for any field operations. Trimble offers tablets and pocket computers of different sizes and hardware equipment.

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Industrial PCs from trimble
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Esectron is a specialized shop for IoT solutions for a smart home. At the e-shop you can find products such as GSM Key that enables you to control your gate via mobile phone, a smart socket, a power saving device, a GSM doorbell that, calls the setup number when rang, establishing a call to the person at the door and more.

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Sectron industrial

Sectron industrial

Sectron Industrial is an e-shop specializing in M2M and IoT accessories and compact hardware solutions. Thanks to years of experience in our own production and cooperation with the brands Gemalto M2M, Trimble, Elatec, Advantech B + B SmartWorx, Robustel, Andra, we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of products to suit you and your solution.

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