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Smart City

Smart cities are slowly becoming reality. All devices that can be controlled, whether its traffic lights, information kiosks, street lights, or energy consumption meters, they are all slowly but surely connected to the Internet of Things. This evolution brings many new possibilities that were not possible ever before.

A smart solution for consumption

In smart cities, there are several ways to save energy. One of the options is, for example, to dim the lights that have nobody around, and at the same time to reduce light pollution. Smart Metering and Smart Energy solutions, in turn, help reduce overall energy consumption by generation of green energy and its distribution amongst city citizens.

Communicating devices

One of the big things of Smart City projects is communication. Traffic lights, cars and parking spots can communicate with each other to provide greater security and convenience. The city can warn cars of traffic jams or inform autonomous vehicles about other cars driving nearby to prevent accidents.

IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways

SECTRON s.r.o. offers a wide range of IoT equipment, including cellular routers that are used as gateways to the Internet. Every sensor has to have a way to communicate with other sensors and applications. As a distributor of world-class brands, SECTRON can offer routers from well-known companies such as Robustel and Advantech.

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IoT Gateways
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Esectron is a specialized shop for IoT solutions for a smart home. At the e-shop you can find products such as GSM Key that enables you to control your gate via mobile phone, a smart socket, a power saving device, a GSM doorbell that, calls the setup number when rang, establishing a call to the person at the door and more.

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Sectron industrial

Sectron industrial

Sectron Industrial is an e-shop specializing in M2M and IoT accessories and compact hardware solutions. Thanks to years of experience in our own production and cooperation with the brands Gemalto M2M, Trimble, Elatec, Advantech B + B SmartWorx, Robustel, Andra, we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of products to suit you and your solution.

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