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Smart energy

In age of IoT, the energy market is changing rapidly. Smart meters are becoming an industry standard and their deployment is expanding around the world. Renewable energy sources are also growing. New players and private citizens join the energy market by deploying solar and wind installations, while the expansion of next-generation electric cars and car batteries provides a new way of storing energy. We are in the midst of an exciting transformation of smart energy, where IoT allows new business models that support increasingly more complex energy infrastructure.

Energy ecosystem

 Families or new businesses can now use solar panels or other green energy sources to fill a virtual power plant from which other people can draw. Thanks to the Smart Metering connection, the manufacturer is able to find out how much energy is needed for his personal consumption and sell the rest to people who have greater energy demands. Everything is done through a secure network that protects all personal information from leakage and safely transfers energy requests. The manufacturer can also choose how much power and to who they will distribute it.

Cellular modules

Cellular modules

Cellular modules

SECTRON is a distributor of Gemalto, which specializes in secure wireless networking. Their modules are used by countless companies thanks to their high quality and reliability. This German company has also became well known in Smart Energy, and is therefore a great choice for anyone who wants to be successful in this field.

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Cellular modules
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Sectron industrial




Esectron is a specialized shop for IoT solutions for a smart home. At the e-shop you can find products such as GSM Key that enables you to control your gate via mobile phone, a smart socket, a power saving device, a GSM doorbell that, calls the setup number when rang, establishing a call to the person at the door and more.

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Sectron industrial

Sectron industrial

Sectron Industrial is an e-shop specializing in M2M and IoT accessories and compact hardware solutions. Thanks to years of experience in our own production and cooperation with the brands Gemalto M2M, Trimble, Elatec, Advantech B + B SmartWorx, Robustel, Andra, we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of products to suit you and your solution.

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