Tracking & tracing

The logistics industry faces many challenges around the world, whether we are talking about rising energy prices, increasing security concerns or rising competition. Ubiquitous cellular networks and the latest M2M and GPS technologies enable this industry to become more efficient and more profitable than ever before. Another advantage of these technologies is that the loss and theft of goods are drastically declining due to their immediate localization and alert systems.

Pinpoint Location

GPS systems can be used to accurately determine the position of devices, goods or even stolen vehicles. Due to the different size and robustness of available modules, GPS can now be localized to almost any device under a variety of conditions.

Monitoring and Alerts

Using different sensors, data about the state of the goods can be transmitted such as temperature, humidity level, vibrations, damage or the traveling speed of the product. Various alerts can also be set. For sensitive products such as pharmaceutical supplies, immediate warnings are crucial to modifying their path and preserving them.

Optimizing your journey in real time

Today's advanced navigation can not only adapt to the user's driving but also receive data from other devices in the Smart City ecosystem. Such navigation can then determine the best possible route to avoid traffic jam or roads that are undergoing repair.

Tracking & tracing

Tracking & tracing

Tracking & tracing

GSM Key is a device that allows you to open a door, gate or latch using your mobile phone. The authorization is based on the incoming call phone number. The GSM Key is offered in multiple variants. GSM Key LITE, GSM Key PROFI. And now we are preparing SMART 3 Key!

Tracking & tracing
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Esectron is a specialized shop for IoT solutions for a smart home. At the e-shop you can find products such as GSM Key that enables you to control your gate via mobile phone, a smart socket, a power saving device, a GSM doorbell that, calls the setup number when rang, establishing a call to the person at the door and more.

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Sectron industrial

Sectron industrial

Sectron Industrial is an e-shop specializing in M2M and IoT accessories and compact hardware solutions. Thanks to years of experience in our own production and cooperation with the brands Gemalto M2M, Trimble, Elatec, Advantech B + B SmartWorx, Robustel, Andra, we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of products to suit you and your solution.

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